Karawek Software specializes in developing custom Rich Internet Applications and mobile solutions that helps small to medium size businesses save costs, and operate more efficiently. We are a small group of talented people who have experiences in various industries, and technology backgrounds including Java, Microsoft .NET, Ruby on Rails, and various mobile platforms. Our goal is to help businesses identifying their needs for IT, and help developing software solutions using cutting edge technologies to help improving their operations.

Rich Internet Applications

We are highly experienced in the development of rich internet applications across many platforms by applying appropriate technologies such as HTML5/CSS3 and various Javascript frameworks such as jQuery, EXT JS, or first-generation RIA approaches such as Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight. Applications we have built for our clients range from simple, internal-use applications to large, complex applications available to the public.

Mobile Solutions

We are specialized in building applications for mobile devices - including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, Android phones and tablets, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry phones. We are experienced with various open source technologies like MonoTouch, which makes iOS development easily and faster through Microsoft .NET languages, and frameworks like PhoneGap that help building applications that can run on many different devices, without sacrificing native look and feel.

Custom Applications

We are a group of software developers with extensive experiences in building custom software applications that fit our clients' needs through the use of traditional technologies like Java or Microsoft .NET framework, or newer technologies such as Ruby on Rails or Groovy on Grails. Our core competencies lie in the understanding of our clients' business. The main value added we offer to our clients is to help anazlying and identifying where businesses can improve their operations and marketability through the use of available technologies.